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Start 2023 With a Great Deal!

After the holidays, everything feels a little tighter, not least of all our wallets. With this in mind, we came across a great deal for everyone so that you can enjoy great wine at an even better price. Hobo Cabernet Sauvignon, a staple on our shelves, is usually priced at $24.99 but with the new year, with most prices going up, comes an unusually lower price for this 2019 vintage cab: $22.99. As a high-quality, Alexander Valley Sonoma County Cabernet, this is an excellent chance to fill the gaps left in your wine rack after the holidays by you and your thirsty guests. Subtle and restrained, with a pleasant, lighter style than many Napa Cabs, this is the perfect Cabernet for a month of recuperation from the hustle and bustle of the previous months. And at this great of a price? We don’t mind that at all.

Also available by the case of 6 with our standard 10% discount. Due in store Friday. This is a closeout deal so only available while supplies last.

Please e-mail us at or call us at 614.486.3406 to place an order!


Bobby & Lauren

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