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With over 50 years of beverage experience, Gentile's would love to take some of the stress off of you while you plan your next event. Whether you're planning a small family barbecue, a corporate celebration, or your dream wedding, we do this with your needs in mind, work with you personally, and make sure that your guests aren't left thirsty.
We specialize in hand-selected table wines, sparkling wines, and craft brews. With over 250 beers and ales and a vast wine selection ranging from value varietals to world class grand marquis, our portfolio will surely appeal to your needs.
We understand that every event has its own needs and we'll invest the time to listen to yours. Our personal touch will result in a singular, memorable event that fits your budget and your style. 
Just fill out this brief informational form and an event consultant will reach out to you within 72 hours for more details about your event and walk you through step-by-step on how we can make your event something that your friends and co-workers will talk about for years to come.
(Please note that we do not carry spirit products [ie vodka, gin, whiskey, etc.] but would be happy to recommend a state-run liquor store to you for these needs.)
$10 local delivery. Pick-up also available.
Tell Us About Your Event
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Thanks for submitting! You'll hear back from us within 72 hours.

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