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January: The Theme is Recuperation and Restraint

Dear Gentile’s Customers,

Happy January from Gentile’s The Wine Sellers!

For those of you that are still indulging (including myself) I wanted to feature a classic Italian wine that is infinitely drinkable and, in the spirit of recuperation, restrained. Prà “Morandina” Valpolicella ($22.99) fits that bill nicely. Opening the bottle immediately reveals an excellent aroma of spice, bright minerals, and fresh berries. Light, but persistent tannins balance well the complexity of the wine and feature pleasing notes of black pepper and currant. This is a wonderful, classic Italian that will surely impress at a great price. Plus, it’s organic! Bonus.

Let us know if you would like any of this ordered or set aside for you!

For those of you that have decided to cut back a bit we’ve been making sure to keep our non-alcoholic and low-alcohol options in stock: beers from Athletic Brewing and other brew houses, alcohol removed wines from Luminaria Napa Valley, and Seedlip distilled non-alcoholic spirits. Cheers to moderation after a busy holiday season.



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