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Happy Holidays From Gentile's!

Dear Gentile’s Customers, We just wanted to wish you a wonderful holiday season from all of us at Gentile’s The Wine Sellers. Thank you for your continued patronage to our little shop over the course of the years, over 2021, and into the future. The little family that we have built through a shared love of wine and beer means the absolute world to us. If you need anything to make your holiday season just a little bit brighter, please let us know. We have everything that a worldwide supply chain “issue” will allow and have even managed to secure some particularly interesting bottles that would look great under the tree, in a really sturdy stocking, or in your hand while you’re watching A Christmas Story for the 78th time. Safe travels if you're traveling. Stay in your pajamas if you aren’t. We’re here when you need something special. Love, Bobby (and Laura, Ryan, Jay, Gino, Lauren, Shelby, and Erin) PS. I'm drinking this ("Gigino" from Poggio la Noce - $39.99) while I'm writing this e-mail. You should have some while you're writing your last minute holiday cards. Don't spill it! - Bobby

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