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Josh Davis w. NIckel & NIckel orders

Josh Davis w. NIckel & NIckel orders



Home Brewing Section

Home Brewing Section


Welcome to Gentile’s The Wine Sellers, your stop for all your home brewing needs, fine wine, craft and micro brews, fun wine and beer events, special event and wedding planning and the infamous blog. With over fifty years in business, we are a full service beverage shop that offers a huge selection of the hottest new brews and wines and many of our staff are avid brewers themselves.  So come on in and get to know us—we’ll be glad to help you with whatever your beverage needs may be.



This is where you will find the latest listing of special events that are open for reservations. You will find anything from full course dinners paired with wine at some of Columbus' best restaurants to walk around tastings in our lovely wine tasting area, The Lake Room. Many times during the year we have special wine makers as our guests.


If you want industrial wines, mass store brands, or dull things with a critter on the label, we aren’t for you.We sell stylish wine with good pedigrees of terroir, winemaker, and region that will make you pay attention from the first to last sip.  We have a strong food pairing ethic that helps guide us through our choices. California is well represented, as are hand-picked wines from both the new and old world.


We were one of the first stores in Columbus to focus on craft beer, before its 'boom' in the American market.  We proudly carry many of the best local Ohio breweries, six-pack standbys, and hard-to-find imports.


Here you will find the most educated evaluations and suggestions for good wine buys, along with some forays into wine travel and cooking.  These entries are written by the great team of wine enthusiasts who work at Gentile's.  Be sure and subscribe so that you don't miss any of these highly informative and entertaining missives.  (Prices and availability guaranteed for one week only.)  


For the past ten years, we have carried a large selection of home brewing, soda, and winemaking supplies, including equipment, ingredients, books, and bottling needs. Our prices are most fair, inventory quite large, and we emphasize personal service for these fun and rewarding hobbies. Our customers receive advice as well as value with our products, and we are supplied by one of the world’s most respected home brewing vendors, The L.D. Carlson Company. 


established 1954

1565 King Avenue,  

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Store Hours:  

M-Sat. 10-9

Sunday 12-7


 Gentile’s is a full service wine and brew purveyor, established over 50 years ago. Our specialty is planning beverage needs for any event, from a family barbecue to large gatherings such as business meetings, weddings, and corporate celebrations. All of this is done with the needs of the client in mind, and our employees will work personally with every inquiry or call..

Josh Davis w. NIckel & NIckel orders