The Company: Gentile’s is a full service wine and brew purveyor, established over 50 years ago. Our specialty is planning beverage needs for any event, from a family barbecue to large gatherings such as business meetings, weddings, and corporate celebrations. All of this is done with the needs of the client in mind, and we will work personally with every inquiry or call.



The Products: Gentile’s specializes in hand-selected table wines, sparkling wines, and craft brews. Yet, with over 250 beers and ales, along with a wine selection that ranges from value-priced varietals, to world class Grand marques, our beverage portfolio can appeal to the needs of any client.



The Method:  What makes us different is that we understand that every event has its own unique needs, and for this reason we invest time listening to the desires of the client. Such personal consultations result in a singular event that fits the client’s budget and intended success. Such questions as the age of the guests, time of day, and length of  affair matters greatly, not to mention the menu, and subject of the event.



How It Works: When the client calls, we will take all the information necessary which includes the reason for the need (wedding, business meeting, anniversary party, etc.), menu chosen, approximate number of guests, time of day, entertainment intended, beverages planned, and budget parameters. We have done events that have ranged from a beverage cost of $2.50 a person, to well over $100 per. With all of the information provided, we will generate a proposal noting wine types, beer selections, and then a price for the all will be quoted, listing total cost, and cost per person. As well, service amounts will be listed to ensure confidence that one will not run out. Upon confirmation and payment of the order, Gentile’s gather the beverages and deliver to the catering facility prior to the event. Payment is due no later than two weeks prior to the event and this can be done via VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover, check, or cash. 


Suggestions: Planning a special event can be made much easier by doing the following:


-Get a general idea as to number of guests that will be invited.


-No matter whom you use for flowers, food, beverages, livery, and the like, talk with them as far ahead as is possible. Many times of the year, such purveyors are quite busy and your early contact will ensure that you will get what you want.


-Plan well so as to avoid changes, which usually means a change in price if done at the last minute.


-Plan so that you do not run out of beverages and food. Being a bit heavy is much less embarrassing than being a bit short when it comes to appetizers, dessert, beer, and wine.


-Finally, no matter what your beverage ideas are, provide coffee, and non-alcoholic beverages. In every event, usually 10% of the guests are non-drinkers. And, cease pouring alcohol one-half hour before the end of the event. From a legal and moderation standpoint, this is something I always preach.



Let’s Talk: With the above noted, we invite you to give us a call so that we can give the attention  your special time deserves. We think we do such events better than anyone else, our prices are as good and usually better, and what you will enjoy is personally selected just for you. Thanks.


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Store Hours:  M-Sat. 10-9, Sunday 12-7