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Your local, humble medicine man here, saying hello and wishing you well. I’m not here to sell you snake oil or charge Big Pharma prices. Those of us here at Gentile’s the Wine Sellers work diligently to bring you the real deal in the world of wine at respectable, honest prices. There are a lot of products out there that are marketing gimmicks or priced aggressively simply due to name recognition, and likely I would be taken prisoner if I named names… anyways… This is why I love when I taste an excellent bottle of wine from a young producer who’s sole goal is to produce a wine of quality at a genuinely fair price. So I share Domaine Pierre Martin’s 2019 Chavignol Sancerre.

In the eastern Loire Valley lies the small town of Chavignol, an area that is celebrated for its world class Sauvignon Blanc and goat cheese. Combine the two and you have a match made in heaven. Pierre Martin is a young man, roughly my own age, who spent many years working with his father, Yves, before starting his own domaine from a rather small four hundred acres of vines. The high altitude vines of about 35 years of age thrive in the chalky, limestone laden soils of the region and all farming is done sustainably with no herbicides or pesticides.

Classic lemon-lime and grassy aromas abound, but the warmer vintage also brings with it some tropical fruits suggesting guava and passionfruit. The freshness here is unmistakeable. The palate is so juicy and medium bodied with the flavors confirming

the aromas, before lending itself to the flinty, zippy minerality on the finish that the region is so well known for. Balanced, focused, and possessing good depth is an accurate summation. I love Sancerre and it is so versatile… whether on its own, with aforementioned goat cheese, or with any manner of shellfish.

Domaine Pierre Martin is an under-the-radar producer producing Sancerre of unmistakable quality. Give it a few years and I have no doubt the name will be commonplace when speaking of the region. His 2019 Chavignol Sancerre retails for $23.99 a bottle and discounts of 10% begin on purchases of six or more. A perfect wine for cherishing the tail end of summer before we greet Fall.


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