In the northeast of Italy, only a few kilometers away from the town of Soave, lie the vineyards of Tenuta di Corta Giacobbe. These vineyards are situated upon two extinct volcanos, Calvarina and Colcetta, and the volcanic soils lend a distinct mineral component and aromatic freshness to the fruit. The Garganega grape thrives here and earns its reputation as one of the great white varietals of Italy. So, at the end of a busy, stress-laden week, surrounded by construction and rush hour traffic, I counted myself lucky that the 2018 Giacobbe Soave made it halfway around the world to Columbus, Ohio.

The 2018 Corta Giacobbe Soave is hand harvested estate fruit that is fermented in stainless steel to preserve the inherent freshness and vibrancy of the fruit. A medley of fruits are immediately apparent on the nose: melons, peach, lemon, and lime are all found here with underlying flashes of chamomile and orange peel. Bright yellow in hue. The high limestone content of the soils provide energy, lift, and mineral acidity to the palate. The palate has a medium weight and is quite harmonious on the zippy, crisp finish. It was a match made in heaven for a quick chicken in white wine sauce that I whipped up like so:

Bring large pot of salted water to boil. Cook linguine or pasta of choice to al dente.

Sautée mushrooms and red onion with salt and pepper in cast-iron skillet. Remove and set aside.

Rub two chicken breasts with salt, cracked pepper, rosemary, and thyme. (Italian

Seasoning will do just fine.) Pan sear on medium high heat 3 minutes per side and

then move to oven to finish. About 16 minutes at 400 degrees and internal temperature

registers 165.

Remove chicken from pan and return cast iron to stove. Turn stove-top to high heat and

de-glaze pan using 1 cup of white wine (hopefully not your lovely Soave, but whatever!)

and a good squeeze of lemon juice.

Bring to a boil, then lower heat to a simmer and reduce white wine in half.

Once reduced, kill the heat and add a large pat of butter, swirling to mix. As the heat

reduces, add the mushrooms, onion, and linguine. Toss everything together. If you like

a slightly creamy sauce, stirring in sour cream or greek yogurt is a great option. I elected

to keep the sauce nice and light.

Slice chicken and set atop a good pile of pasta. Drizzle any remaining sauce on chicken.

Top with parsley and shaved parmesan.


Anyways, the 2018 Corta Giacobbe Soave recently earned 91 Points with James Suckling and retails for $15.99 a bottle. This refreshingly versatile white is perfect as the last days of summer drift by.


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