It’s Easter week and I must admit I am completely unprepared for what will likely be the

throngs of humans taking over my home. Yet, my taxes are done and finished in a relatively

stress-free fashion, so I will take the little victories as I have them. This email will be altogether

short and sweet as I’d like to quickly highlight two fantastic wines that will pair perfectly with a

number of holiday dishes, but namely that infamous Easter ham that graces most tables.

Red Burgundy has burned me a thousand times. It’s no secret that one can easily spend

$50-100 on a bottle and be underwhelmed. Yet, the finer examples from the region can be

ethereal. so my excitement was well deserved when I tasted Domaine Thevenet & Fils 2017

“Les Clos” Bourgogne Rouge, an offering that over delivers in terms of its price versus value.

The wine is produced from all estate fruit, a rarity for a wine of the Bourgogne Rouge

designation. Excellent vineyard exposure tends to ripen the fruit wonderfully, as is apparent

immediately in both the color and flavor profile of the wine. Brilliant red in hue, the 2017 Les

Clos has very apparent aromas of wild raspberry, bright cherry, rose petal, and violet. There is a

good medium weight on the palate and excellently integrated tannins. The fruit is the star of this

juicy red but there are also underlying touches of sauvage and garrigue. A splash of

characteristic mineral acidity rounds out the finish. For the price point, this wine is unparalleled

in quality and drinkability. The 2017 Thevenet & Fils “Les Clos” Bourgogne Rouge retails for

$19.99 a bottle and is a guaranteed hit for your holiday meal and many others to come. I am

jazzed about the stuff and I think you will be too.

Now, a departure from the classical pairing, the delightfully different Folk Machine 2018

White Light. This white blend is comprised of 39% Tocai Friulano, 30% Riesling, 11% Verdelho,

18% Sauvignon Blanc, and 2% Muscat from vineyards all over California. Winemaker Kenny

Likitprakong calls himself a hobo winemaker, with no land or winery to call his own, but that

doesn’t stop him from sourcing excellent fruit from high quality vineyards utilizing organic and

sustainable practices. The varietals here are all fermented separately, then blended to Kenny’s

specifications. The resulting wine is perfumed and dry. Floral and tropical fruit aromas abound

from the additions of Riesling and Muscat, while the Friulano and Sauvignon Blanc contribute a

crisp, mineral characteristic on the palate. Lastly, the Verdelho gives the wine good weight and

texture that will stand up to the most honeyed of hams. Lovely and easy drinking while the still

retaining good complexity, the 2018 White Light retails for $15.99 a bottle. Due in Thursday.

Let me know if we can secure either of these wines for you. Thanks for reading and best

wishes for a happy spring and holiday!


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