Good afternoon,

That infamous (almost irritatingly so) Wine Spectator Top 100 list has just been released

in the last couple weeks and the wine world is clamoring to snag as much of these wines and

their correct vintage as they can. Truth be told, many are long gone and many others are out of

the every day wine drinker’s price point. (You want $250 Sassicaia? You just let me know and I’ll

see what I can do.) Anyway, a good share of these wines are ones we tout year in and year out

and when the list is released, the wines go poof and then we’re all bummed. That did not

happen with one of our everyday staples, the hot little 2015 Breca Garnacha.

Breca is produced from the oldest clone of Garnacha in the world, “Garnacha de

Aragon”, and is sourced from vines between 80-120 years old. These mountain vines struggle in

the extremely arid climate of Calatayud, and the resulting fruit is concentrated, low yielding, and

intense. Perhaps grapes and humans aren’t so different. Sometimes one has to struggle and

work hard to produce something of quality. Oy vey, I digress…

The 2015 Breca has an inky violet in hue… that real tooth and carpet staining sort of

color. Aromatically, crushed black raspberries, plums, and black pepper spices come to mind.

The mouthfeel finds all of its components in unison. Full bodied richness is balanced by smooth

tannins and good acidity, providing the structure for this wine to actually see a bit of age. The

fruit is supple and the finish lingers with a savory mineral component that adds some interest

and complexity.

Breca is always an incredibly reliable value and sits at a comfortable $14.99 a bottle. It

received 91 Points with Jeb Dunnuck, 92 Points with Wine Spectator, and found itself seated at

#29 on that list I talked about. More is due in Friday, so if you’d like any set aside, please let me

know. We’ll have it while we have it, and when we don’t, we’ll find something else!


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