The BonAnno Boys Are Back!

Good Afternoon,

I began working for Gentile’s the Wine Sellers in August of the year 2014. What has ensued since has been nothing short of a whirlwind of opportunity and challenge for which I am incredibly grateful. Those first few months are both at once blurred and incredibly clear as I went from learning the ropes of a long established business to taking the main managerial role running daily operations. Within my first week of employment, I vaguely remember a slightly sweaty, hurried man rushing into the store and putting down two bottles of wine, saying, “Here! Make sure Rog gets these.” With that, the man was gone. Less than a week later, an email blast was sent out talking about the “BonAnno boys”, to whom I clearly had no frame of reference, though that has certainly changed since. Not long after, a hell of a lot of that wine came pouring into the store, and rightfully so. I am writing today to remind everyone how good the BonAnno Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon is, specifically the 2014 vintage, the very year I began working here. Interesting how things come full circle…

Kevin Bonanno has the infinite pleasure of seeing me twice a week to peddle his wares, but I just today met his brother Matt, and tried his 2014 Cabernet and 2014 Chardonnay. Both thoroughly impressed. The BonAnno Cabernet can easily hang with its Napa peers who are double the price. Aromas of ripe cherry, cedar, and sage jump out of the glass followed by a supple and velvety mouthfeel; the tannin and acidity are quite well integrated into the wine considering its youth, making it gorgeously drinkable now. A very versatile wine that will please connoisseurs and crowds alike at a price rarely seen in Napa. The BonAnno Carneros Chardonnay is beautifully balanced and driven by fruit rather than oak. A clean style, with bright aromas of pineapple and peach and a light touch of oak on the palate that is balanced by a splash of acidity on the finish. To be sure, both of these wines are incredibly well done and are a whole lot of wine for the money.

The 2014 BonAnno Napa Cabernet retails for $24.99 a bottle or $269.90 for the case, while the BonAnno Chardonnay is on post off for a mere $17.99 a bottle or $194.30 for the case. With the price of California fruit only continuing to rise and with challenged vintage of 2015 to come, I say buy it up now.

Thanks for reading!


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