A Fine Wine For Any Weather!

I hate to admit that I’ve been reduced to talking about the weather, as I’ve always found

it to be an incredibly phoned in form of conversation, but this stuff is nuts! As I was sitting

outside last friday sunbathing like a cat and contemplating a wine to write about for our next

email, the sun was shining as the temperature soared to 78 degrees (the historical average

being 41) and I thought to myself, “Hot Damn, It’s Rose’ time!”. Well, I was wrong. It

snowed the next night and temperature dropped to a balmy 28 degrees. Just crazy Ohio

weather or legitimate signs of climate change? You all discuss that amongst yourselves while

I give you a delicious wine to think about that will do just fine with spring or winter weather; it

is Zorzal’s 2015 Cabernet Franc.

Even though we have been selling Zorzal’s Malbec for some time, admittedly I had not tried the

Cabernet Franc until this past week. Zorzal is a young, boutique winery (born in 2008) hailing

from Mendoza, Argentina that uses organic farming methods and practices non-invasive

winemaking by “putting fruit before wood and austerity before exuberance”. This philosophy

shines in their portfolio of wine… from Pinot Noir to Malbec to Cab Franc and beyond.

The 2015 Cabernet Franc displays a clear and luminous ruby color that dances in the

glass. The aromas jump out of the glass bringing to mind wild strawberry and a freshness that I

can best describe as being worry free on a summer day in the woods. The wine is light to

medium bodied and is bright, lifted, and lively on the front of the palate. Towards the mid to end

it gains a bit of weight and complexity with subtle mineral, earthy, and herbal notes followed by a

thirst quenching acidity. Fruit is the star here with bright red berry fruit taking the lead role.

Perfect on a chilly evening with say a bourbon glazed salmon and root veggies or hell, if if’s

70 degrees bring it to a cool cellar temp and take it outside. We have to be versatile living in

Ohio, after all.

The 2015 Cabernet Franc from Zorzal recently received extremely positive reviews from

Vinous media and Stephen Tanzer by earning 90 points. The wine retails for $14.99 a bottle or

$161.90 for the case which includes your 10% discount. Thanks for reading and I look forward

to hearing from you!


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