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Every holiday season we have the task of finding the perfect holiday party wine, one with broad appeal, depth, and great bang for the buck. Typically, this task is daunting because though there are certainly some gems in the $10-$15 range, there are definitely more duds than not. Luckily, my holiday gem found me last Saturday night as my gal Mary stared at me incredulously when she realized she had only one glass of the delicious 2014 Michael David Petite Petit before I had polished it all off. In my defense, I had had a very full day of shopping and had earned my wine and relaxation... but enough about my plight. On to the wine!

By the way, I should let you all know that we have received our very small allocation of the limited cult wine from Napa Valley, Opus One. It is from the great 2013 vintage and is an absolute knockout, worthy of cellaring for decades. It retails for $284.99 a bottle. Limit to one bottle per person.

2014 Petite Petit Michael David

The 2014 Petite Petit from Michael David hails from Lodi, California and is comprised of 85% Petite Sirah and 15% Petit Verdot which produces one hellava BIG wine. Admittedly, I have had a few customers special order the stuff, but I always sort of scoffed at those two elephants taking up the whole label and wrote it off as a wine simply meant to grab peoples' attention. Needless to say, another request rolled through last week and I figured I should probably give the wine a try and lo and behold, I was proven wrong.

In the glass, the wine reveals an inky blackish purple hue (tooth staining, to say the least) and has bold aromas of plums, blueberry, cocoa, and spice.The wine goes roaring into your mouth with an intensely full body and silky smooth tannin that produce a lasting finish on the palate. If you're spending all your money on prime rib this holiday but need something that will stand up to it without breaking the bank, Michael David's Petite Petit is your jam. (Pun not intended.) The new vintage has not been reviewed yet, but the 2013 received 90 Points from Robert Parker and I am sure the 2014 is every bit as good. The wine retails for $13.99 a bottle or $151.10 for the case which includes your 10% case discount but doesn't include Uncle Sam's cut.

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