This past weekend I had the (dis)pleasure of introducing my sweet tuxedo cat, Beef, to my girlfriend's ball of fluff, Mimi. Somewhat ignorantly and optimistically I assumed that because they are both such sweethearts individually that naturally they would get along swimmingly. When the moment of introduction finally came, Beef charged forward with a gusto like I had never seen while Mimi let loose a visceral growl that slowly turned into a hissing scream. Needless to say, when they closed in on each other with fur raised, I panicked. While I tried to grab Beef and pull him away, he decided to panic as well and attack Mimi, who then quite naturally... panicked. This chain reaction resulted in the two of them being intertwined in a chaotic ball of hissing and moaning while I struggled to separate them. Panic rarely gives anyone positive results, and that brings me to a wine that someone panicked about and as a rare result, we get to reap the benefits of... the 2012 Renato Corino Barolo.

Earlier this week as I was pouring over closeout lists and weeding out all the garbage, this little gem leapt off the page at me. How could this wine be this price? Certainly something must be wrong with it. Perhaps it was shipped in poor conditions or was an especially bad vintage? I began to investigate. As it turns out, none of these factors were the case, but rather it was the simple result of someone in higher management panicking at a product that wasn't selling quite as fast as deemed necessary, while a new vintage was already on the way. Hooray!

The 2012 Renato Corino Barolo is packed with all the beautiful intensity and elegance fans of Piedmont wines have come to expect. Aromatically, the wine jumps out of the glass with fresh cherry, dried rose petals, and earth that seamlessly intertwine (unlike the cats). The hue is a pleasant mix of garnet and burnt orange and displays a light to medium body that is nicely lifted on the palate. To be sure, this is a young Barolo that is chock full of grippy and smooth tannins that linger and provide the structure for an age-worthy wine. Leave plenty of time for it to breathe and open up, as such patience will certainly be rewarded with a robust yet elegantly integrated wine. For those of you looking to get a cellar going without breaking the bank, this wine will evolve nicely through 2030.

Upon release, the 2012 Renato Corino retailed for a very reasonable $39.99, but as a result of that glorious panic we can now offer it at $29.99 a bottle. There are a little over seventeen cases of the stuff left in the state and once it's gone, it's gone forever. It comes in twelve pack cases for $323.90 plus tax which reflects a 10% case discount. Let me know by replying to this email or calling 614-486-3406.

Also, Beef and Mimi still have not spoken. Stay tuned for further updates.


"La Morra makes the most supple, fruity wines of Barolo and Renato Corino produces one of the best high quality "village" Barolos of the entire area. This 2012 is fabulous, as it's drinking well now, but has the tension, acidity and tannins to allow it to develop complexity over the years. I think it's the best village Barolo I've tried from them. It represents outstanding value." - Robin Davis

Robin Davis (founder) from SWIG is a committed wine hunter. Like the 19th-century botanists who went on wild adventures searching out undocumented plant specimens, Robin will sniff his way through regions that seem to have been completely picked over - and, once in a while, emerge with a jewel"

- Victoria Moore, The Telegraph

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