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Yesterday I had the pleasure of tasting through the prestigious lineup of wines from Celani Family Vineyards, a small, family operation producing a mere 4000 cases of wine yearly (Caymus, by contrast, produces about 65,000). Celani's production is headed by Mark Herold who has worked with Joseph Phelps and Kamen, among others. The lineup, which includes a bright, burgundian-style Chardonnay, two "Proprietary" reds, and two brooding Napa Cabernets, range from $25-$200 per bottle and are all quite desirable, but one really stood out for me and I can't help but talk about this incredible $25 vixen-the 2013 Siglo Proprietary Red from Celani Family Vineyards.

The national sales rep for Celani informed me as he poured the Siglo that many restaurants around the country substitute the wine when they run out of something called "The Prisoner" (maybe you've heard of it). What's odd here is that, quite frankly, Siglo is better and about half of the price. Both wines are muscular and powerful in style, but where I find The Prisoner a bit flabby and lacking in tone, Siglo, on the other hand, is toned, structured, and if it were human it would certainly have six pack abs...which I somehow lack.

Aromas of dark plums, black raspberry, and dusty earth jump out of the glass followed by an incredibly juicy and full bodied mouthfeel. A subtle cedar and oak note is certainly present, but lush fruit is what shines here followed by supple tannins and a mineral finish that gives it those sexy six pack abs I told you about. Wisely marketed as a Proprietary Red, Siglo is comprised of 100% estate grown Merlot and can hang with the likes of Duckhorn and Northstar. This is the wine that will get you back into Merlot or show you what a good one can be.

Now, about my subject line. My inspiration was further encouraged as I was reading through Roger's old emails, and lo and behold, he too wrote about the Celani Sigloback in October of 2013 (albeit a different vintage) and was also impressed by its value. Admittedly, navigating the wine world is full of pitfalls, wrong turns, and plenty of duds, and I have had to learn a helluva lot in a short time. So, it does come as quite a confidence booster that a wine Roger praised as a steal for $30, I can offer you for $24.99 a bottle or $269.90 a case, which includes your 10% discount.

Thanks - Josh

P.S.- For all of you heavy hitters out there, Celani's 2012 "Tenacious" Red was also absolutely gorgeous. Earthy tobacco leaves and violet are followed by a full bodied core of cassis. Aged for 22 month in new French Oak. 93 Points Robert Parker. 92 Spectator. This wine is the flagship of the winery and takes its influence from the great wines of Pomerol. $69.99

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