I assume you are all sweltering in the dog days of summer just as I am, so sharing a wine that very nearly saved my life this past weekend seemed appropriate. I spent the last few days traipsing through trails in the Hocking Hills for a friend’s bachelor party and clearly water would not suffice when I came back to the cabin drenched in sweat from multiple hour hikes. I must admit I was heckled a bit for bringing a Rose’ to a party full of guys in their upper twenties, but all were quickly silenced when they sampled the 2015 Carpineto Dogajolo Rose’.

The popularity of rose’ wine continues to boom each successive year and rightly so. Many of these young wines possess a very serious elegance and refreshing quality for a humble price, and Dogajolo’s Rose’ is no exception. The juice is 100% Sangiovese from hand- harvested vineyards surrounding Tuscany and is fermented completely in stainless steel while on the lees which contributes to the wines rich texture. It displays a vibrant pink hue and vivacious aromas of cut flowers (roses, perhaps?), juicy melon, and fresh cut strawberries. On the palate, that fresh wild strawberry component jumps to the forefront followed by a clean minerality and bright acidity that makes the wine incredibly refreshing. Not only refreshing, but scarily crushable as well. Personally, I paired the Dogajolo with long hot tub sessions (remember it saved my life) but I can also imagine it going fantastically with all grilled seafood, smoked salmon, and Caprese salads.

Now, for those of you die-hard red drinkers, Dogajolo also produces a super tuscan style red wine composed of 70% Sangiovese and 30% Cabernet Sauvignon that is an incredible value as well. The red is medium to full bodied with dominant notes of plum, currant, and a healthy dollop of oaky goodness. A perfect weekday pizza and pasta wine. The Dogajolo line is the entry level tier from Carpineto, who produces some of Tuscany’s most acclaimed wines with a strong focus on quality and sustainability. Both wines retail for $14.99 a bottle or $161.90 for the case if you want that coveted 10% discount. Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you!


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