The Poor Man's Priorat

Good Afternoon,

First off, I want to thank all of you who attended our New Zealand tasting last Thursday evening. The event was well attended, the wines well received, and we saw a slew of new faces. I am deeming it a success! Secondly, with the Fourth of July holiday quickly approaching, I thought highlighting a fantastic red for summer BBQ’s seemed appropriate.

Two days ago, as I was kicking myself for falling asleep for the Game of Thrones season finale, I resolved that even though it was a Monday, I was going to do it up. I would get myself a bottle of wine, cook a nice supper, and WATCH that damn television show. So as I planned out my meal, which was to be charred Carolina bbq chicken, pan fried broccoli, and roasted red potatoes, I asked Steve Hewitt to pick me out a wine for my dinner... which brings me to the 2012 Breca. Let me tell you, it does not disappoint.

Owned by Jorge Ordonez and interestingly coined the “poor man’s Priorat” (which pretty much sold me), the 2012 Breca is 100% old vine Garnacha. By old vine, I mean these vines were planted between 1925 and 1968 on high altitude hillsides in Calatayud and yield small, concentrated clusters of vibrant fruit. This wine comes out guns blazing with a full body, dense layers of dark berry fruit, a hint of pepper spice, and an interesting sort of stoney minerality on the finish. The wine displays a nice complexity, lush tannins, and a layered approach that gives one plenty to dissect for the price. Although the 2012 Breca clocks in at a massive 15.5% alcohol, I did not find it to be flabby or over extracted. To be completely honest, the wine was technically too big for grilled bbq chicken, but it was so delicious I really didn’t care. It will stand up to steaks, burgers, and ribs without a waver in it’s step. Though it may put a waver in yours...

Now, if you need further convincing, that Robert Parker fella gave it 91 points, saying “It is hard to believe what one can get at this price point if the importer and wine producer are committed to high quality”. Up until the last month, the wine was retailing for $17.99, but now has been brought down to a new low price of $14.99 for the bottle or $161.90 for the case plus tax. If you are interested, feel free to respond to this email or call us at 614-486-3406 to place your order. The wine is due to be arriving in store on Friday. Thank you all for the continued support!


P.S.- We have had some inquiries as to what our next tasting will be and I think we are going to concentrate our efforts on a little place called Bordeaux for late August/ early September. Stay tuned!

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