Good Afternoon,

I am sitting here at Roger’s desk looking out at the leaf strewn yard on a chilly, wet, autumn afternoon; it is getting dark very early now. Over a year has passed since he’s been gone and I can almost see him sitting here as he did every day writing to all of you. The dog would be by his side in her memory foam bed, the cat curled up on her tree waiting for Roger to scratch her belly; a glass of red wine would certainly be at hand. He called the three of us “his girls.” It could rain all day and he would be happy as a clam knowing you were all out there somewhere reading his words. There was nothing he loved more than telling you stories and selling you wine, except perhaps drinking it himself, which brings me to the purpose of this email.

I would like to thank all of you for your continued support of Gentile’s and we (the staff and I) want you to know we are doing our very best to live up to Roger’s legacy. We have a very eclectic staff at the moment so let me introduce you: Josh Davis in our general manager and he is the one you correspond with when ordering wine or planning events; he is currently studying for his Wine Specialist Certificate with the Society of Wine Educators. Next is Joshua, our air force veteran who is in charge of the entire beer inventory. Ryan is our home brew guru while also teaching at OSU where he holds at PhD in arachnology (Roger used to call him Spiderman). Korey who is in his last year of engineering school at OSU, Jay who has his own band, Steve who is a retired IT guy and wine aficionado, and Colin, chef and food truck guy. As you can see, we are a motley crew, but we all love food and wine and passing it on.

On that note we have picked out three Thanksgiving wines for you that pair beautifully with turkey. All three are reasonably priced and great values, perfect for your holiday company. You can order these by replying to this email or if you just need a few bottles we will be stocking all three during the holidays. Of course there is a discount by the case on all, even mix and match.

Terra D’Oro Chenin Blanc/Viognier 2014- A wonderfully aromatic white blend that brings to mind fresh cut flowers and green tea. The wine is plump and juicy with abundant flavors of melon and peach. The finish is long and satisfying with a nice clean minerality that is incredibly refreshing. It is sure to pair well with many foods but will also make an excellent companion to Thanksgiving dinner with its abundant body and richness. An incredible value at only $12.99 a bottle. The wine earned 90 Points in Wine Spectator and has been designated one of their “Smart Buys.”

Planet Oregon Pinot Noir 2014- From Soter Vineyards comes Planet Oregon Pinot Noir, their entry level Pinot and introduction into an incredible family of wines. The focus at Soter Vineyards is sustainability and producing wines of incredible character and depth. The 2014 Planet Oregon is lively, intense, and chock full of fresh fruit flavors that are meant to be drunk young. The wine is seductive and smooth on the palate, and perhaps goes down a little too easily for its own good. This is an absolute no-brainer for Thanksgiving dinner as the wine’s light to medium body and fresh berry character are sure to be an excellent companion for turkey and side dishes. Only $19.99 for the bottle and an excellent introduction into the beautiful world that is Oregon Pinot Noir.

Trimbach Riesling 2012- For those of you wishing to venture off the beaten path this holiday there is Trimbach’s Riesling hailing from the Alsatian region in France. The riesling is done in a beautifully dry style with minerality and acidity working hand in hand to provide the backbone of the wine which is filled with crisp clean flavors of citrus fruit and a faintly nutty finish. The pronounced acidity of the wine makes it incredibly age worthy but it is also ready to be enjoyed now. The words of an old employee and good friend, Jeb Bernert, comes to mind… “If you have not yet tried a dry riesling from Alsace, then you have not yet lived.” Find out if that’s true for yourself. Only $19.99 a bottle. 91 Points Wine Spectator.

Lastly we’d like you to consider us for all your wine, beer, and home brew needs during the holidays. We have chosen some great champagnes and wines to feature between Thanksgiving and New Years and the home brew stuff makes great gifts. We can deliver wine and beer for your events as well. Just give us a call at 614-486-3406 or email us at

Thanks again and Happy Holidays!

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