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With the weather finally starting to turn and Thanksgiving right around the corner, those of us at Gentiles have shifted our attention accordingly, and our attention has turned to that finicky and frustrating grape known as Pinot Noir. As many of you know, finding a real value Pinot under $20 is akin to finding the mythical white unicorn, in that it may or may not exist, but by god you are going to search, pray, and hope that it does. Well folks, let us tell you something. Our search led us from the new world to the old, and then back to new, until we finally settled in the great Willamette Valley of Oregon, where we found that unicorns really do exist.

The 2012 Jovino Pinot Noir is a crisp, focused effort from Joe Dobbes, winemaker and owner of the Dobbes Family Estates. Joe began the Jovino sub-line in 2003 with a focus on quality and affordability and since then the wine been primarily available as a restaurant exclusive, only recently becoming available for purchase on the retail end of the spectrum. The grapes are hand-picked from select Willamette vineyards and spend 18 months in the barrel before making their way to the bottle.

With a shimmering, translucent ruby appearance and bright aromas of pomegranate and cherry, this wine is gorgeous right out of the gate. The mouth feel is light, lively and uplifting, with flavors that affirm the aromas along with a hint of barrel-spice at the tail end and a crisp minerality on the finish. This is a food wine to be sure, and the well balanced acidity of the juice is sure to pair wonderfully with the sweet and savory offerings of your Thanksgiving dinner. This new world wine with old world class is ready to drink now but will age just fine through 2018.

$18 per bottle

$194 per case, with tax all around.

Let us know and thanks! And please, don’t hesitate to stop in the store and say, “Hi.” We would love to see you.

Josh Davis

Team Gentile

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