Each business has their own jargon, and in the delightful world of selling wine, the phrase 'OND' is a major player. This acronym refers to the last three months of the year, and the busiest time for all in the business. That is why so many wineries drop prices so as to garner some of the increased sales the fourth quarter presents. As well, this is the time of year when new vintages are released, sort of like the perfect storm.

That noted, we always jump on the Wente Morning Fog chardonnay because I really like the style of the wine, and they take a deep discount each October. Depending on how well it sells in the “O” period, the winery usually raises the price a bit in the next two months, but still less than their normal $15 the bottle. The 2013 Wente Livermore Morning Fog Estate Chardonnay is fermented in wood and stainless steel so the vanilla nature is not the star here. We did this wine is our tasting session last week and found it very tropical with that dash of vanilla, and kiwi in the nose, while the flavors were really rich with green apple and tropical fruits, cinnamon with great acidity due to the stainless fermentation. With a mouth-filling body and balanced acidity, this wine delivers a medium-long finish that is very attractive and makes one want another glass. A very good choice for someone that wants a classic style of chardonnay that all will like. Truth be told, we did that wine Friday, and as of this morning we have sold five cases for upcoming events that were going to use something else. This is a very good wine, but the kicker here is that this normally $15 the bottle chardonnay is, at least for this month, only $120 the case, plus tax…you do the math as this is one impressive offer. There is a very good supply of this tantalizing white so let me know if interested. Thanks!


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