This is a bit of a long wine story but it ends at a great place. In early 2002 some guy walked into our then Flag’s store, dropped off a bottle of an-unknown-to-me cab, and just asked us to try it and he would call back. Given I knew neither the dude nor the wine, I took his card and planned to throw it away. A few days later on a Saturday, I opened the bottle and tried it with the folks I work with, and a few at our wine bar. It was really quite good as the red had this aroma of blackberries and cocoa with ample but long tannins, a deep color, and a flavor profile that was impressive. I did not know the price but remember that we took orders for some number of cases that day, with the understanding that the wine would be less than $15 the bottle. As it turned out, it sold for $10 per, and was the McManis Cabernet Sauvignon from around CA’s River Junction region. I was floored and in a short while we were selling about thirty cases a week of all the McManis products. I had always felt the best value in California varietals was Bogle, but this “Mc” stuff rivaled it. (By the way, today I feel the best values in quality varietals are Bogle when it is on promotion pricing, Grayson, and now especially McManis.)

Over time, all of these wines rose in price, and yet are still good values at the $12 to $14 price point, but as of tomorrow, one of them- the 2013 McManis Cabernet Sauvignon- is going down from $13 the bottle to $10. This is a very attractive offer aimed at the drinker as opposed to the collector. If price were the only reason to get a wine, this would qualify but I would never promote a wine on price alone.

The’13 vintage is going to be a very good one, but I cannot believe it to rival 2012. Yet, this 2013 cab shows that noted style of berry and cocoa quality, but this time there is an added dimension in the nose- cassis and olive. Being aged only a few months in wood, this is a round and generous red that can go another two to three years but is meant to drink now. It has a nice structure, the color is captivating, and it drinks beautifully. This is a wine drinker’s inexpensive wine. So here is the skinny….a bottle is now $10, with a case of twelve being $108 a case, same as 2002! It represents a savings of almost 35% over the most recent vintage, indicating they have a lot of wine to sell. This promotion will go for three months but it is in good supply. This is a wine to lay-in for the fall. Thanks.

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