The focus of this missive is a wine we received about five months ago, and it sold out faster than Taylor Swift loses a boyfriend…fast indeed. The wine has a rather long name, Celler de Capcanes Mas Donis 2012 Barrica from Montstant, an area west of my beloved Barcelona, and basically abutting Priorat. The Celler de Capacanes is one of the largest wine co-ops in Spain with 170 members, and these wineries/ growers make a large amount of wine, but this particular wine (aged in barriques from America and France, hence barrica) is a remarkable accomplishment. A side-note here, this co-operative began making Kosher wines for the large Jewish population in Barcelona, and grew from that specific base to making other, non-Kosher wines.

It is composed of mostly grenache, with syrah added to the blend creating a richly textured, aromatically captivating, and decadently flavored wine. All that said, this is a wine to drink now as it is so round and generous I cannot believe it should be kept longer than a few years. Capcanes Mas Donis is medium-full in body with a pretty and deep ruby color, but the aromas trump the look as this beautiful nose of raspberries, cherries, roses, mineral notes and spicy oak rocket from the glass. It makes you want to drink it. On the palate it is rich with a glycerin feel likened to cassis, and very vibrant, well balanced with soft tannins and rich flavors.

Every wine writer worth his or her salt has rightly praised this wine, and Columbus will receive 56 cases of the elixir. So Join Parker and his 94 points, Tanzer with his 90 points, and everyone else who has trumpeted this stuff, and you can have it for about $13 the bottle, or $140 the case, tax all around. Let me know and Thanks!


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