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The Wine For Reentry

Hi folks, Jay here with a special wine recommendation this week. I’ve been coming to terms with the fact that I actually have a full “social calendar” in the coming weeks, a return to normalcy that feels anything but normal. The backyard barbecues and campfires of summer always shift my taste in reds from brooding Bordeaux and cryptic Chianti into something that has enough fruit presence to stand on its own or play nice with burgers and ribs. Much of the time this can mean more everyday priced bottles, which while they do the trick, lack acid and structure and can be described as “flabby” (insert self-deprecating fat joke here). So while I’m still in the summer spirit, each meeting with friends or family after so much time apart seems to demand a wine more suited to a special occasion, and I think I’ve found one that suits my needs, and I hope yours as well.

2017 Green & Red “Chiles Canyon Vineyards” Zinfandel.

May I present the 2017 Green & Red “Chiles Canyon Vineyards” Zinfandel. Back in 1977, winemaker Jay Hemingway (a man with an excellent first name) started Green & Red Vineyards in Napa Valley, naming it for the green serpentine veins that run through the red chert soils on the property. Though his family has taken over ownership with his passing, they still focus on deliberately ‘old school’ California Zinfandel, eschewing the modern overdriven style for something with more nuance and character. This bottling certainly delivers the dark, rich fruits and high alcohol you would expect of California Zin, but it has gorgeous touches of sage and bay leaf rubbing elbows with prominent tannins that put this in the company of what I call “Steak Zin”. But I say no matter what you’re throwing on the grill or how wine-obsessed your company, this will be a delicious pairing and a centerpiece for celebration. 90 points Wine Spectator. $31.99 a bottle / 10% discount on six bottles or more. Due in Friday and only six cases available from the distributor, so please let us know what we can set aside for you! Thanks! Jay

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