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Reputation Matters, The Finest & Rarest

Greetings, It’s easy to forget the classics, whether because something hip and new comes along or just the simple passing of time. This week I got a reminder of what the notable Russian River Valley can do, after I had let it fall by the mental wayside. 2019 Raeburn Russian River Valley Pinot Noir

As I sat down to try the 2019 Raeburn Russian River Valley Pinot Noir, I’ll admit a bit of dismissiveness … and to be fair maybe a touch of snobbery. A teensy bit. I’ve spent years diving into the beautiful Pinots from Oregon’s Willamette Valley and barely paid mind to what comes out of California, and the times I do try them often they are so fruit-driven it is to their detriment. Yet this bottling not only has a rich blueberry, raspberry, and blackberry presence but also a delicious savory baking spice finish with a touch of toasted hazelnut. Certainly something sturdy enough for the chill of an autumn day, maybe as an accompaniment to cranberry stuffed pork chops or pumpkin ravioli, two of my seasonal favorites. The best part is despite Russian River Valley’s reputation, this costs you only $19.99 / bottle (10% off six bottles or more), so you can revisit this treasure from the region several times.

Sea Smoke Vineyards

For those looking for the finest and rarest California Pinot Noir, our shipment of Sea Smoke Vineyards of Santa Rita Hills arrives this weekend. Not only that, but their highly acclaimed Chardonnay as well. These are very limited, so let us know what you would like held for you. 2019 Chardonnay - $94.99 / bottle “The grapes for this wine come from loamy, well-drained soils on our estate vineyard. Dijon and Wente clones are fermented in stainless steel as well as in French oak foudres and demi-muids. This is an elegant chardonnay with a focused mid-palate and the refreshing cool climate acidity characteristic of Sea Smoke Vineyard.” 2019 “Southing” Pinot Noir - $94.99 / bottle

“Southing refers to the south-facing hillside bluffs found on our estate vineyard. Each year, our goal for this wine is to create the ideal marriage of complexity and elegance. Southing is a true expression of the terroir of Sea Smoke Vineyard: seductive flavors and fine tannins complimented by cool climate acidity.” 2019 “Ten” Pinot Noir - $94.99 / bottle

“Ten is named for the ten Pinot Noir clones found on our estate vineyard. Our most masculine wine, it is brooding and intense, with firm, mature tannins and a long, velvety finish. Ten is not for the faint-of-heart and has been known, on occasion, to convert even the most fanatic Cabernet lover.” Jay

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