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Fireworks at Last!

Greetings, I hope everyone had an excellent 4th of July holiday. Much like my lawn lately, the well of inspiration can run dry at certain points. I’ll look high and low, but I never can seem to make the rains come to me. There is a certain criteria and quality a wine must meet in order to be of email blast caliber, you see. In this situation, patience is key. Thankfully, I didn’t have to wait terribly long as Moulin de la Roque’s Bandol Rouge and Rosé passed through 1565 King Ave. last Thursday and filled the well completely. Moulin de la Roque’s 2016 Les Adrets Rouge

The tiny region of Bandol in Provence, France is one of the rare places on earth where the Mourvèdre varietal can really express its greatness. The steeply terraced vineyards and the hot summertime climate of the Mediterranean gives the thick skinned, tannic varietal the ability to ripen fully. Comprised of 95% Mourvèdre and 5% Carignan, Moulin de la Roque’s 2016 Les Adret’s Rouge is an excellent example of what this grape can do. The wine is unmistakably rich with an almost purplish-black hue and aromas of ripe blackberry, plum, mint, and a touch of garrigue. Now five years into its life, the tannins are integrating beautifully into this full bodied, flavorful red. I was struck by the complete balance of richness, texture, layers, and tension in this cuvée that created a mesmerizing sensory experience. Pair this one with braised short ribs, BBQ, or even a burger with Blue cheese and you’ll be in for a treat. The 2016 Les Adrets Rouge recently earned 92 Points with Wine Enthusiast and sat at #74 in their top 100 list of 2020. Retail is $21.99 a bottle, a rather exceptional price for Bandol.

Moulin de la Roque’s 2020 Les Adrets Rosé

The Rosé’s of Bandol are some of the few in the world that can gain complexity with age, though I recommend cracking into Moulin de la Roque’s 2020 Les Adrets Rosé immediately. Comprised of 60% Mourvèdre, with Grenache and Carignan rounding out the blend, the wine boasts classic aromas of expressive red berry fruits and Provencal herbs. The palate is medium in body and quite supple, with rich fruit and subtle spiciness bringing immediate satisfaction. There is a nice splash of mineral acidity on the finish that creates excellent balance with the richness of the midpalate. I say pair this with goat cheeses, nuts, and fruits for a nice light charcuterie appetizer. The 2020 Les Adrets Rose also retails for $21.99 a bottle and is an excellent example of the true elegance of well done French Rosé.

Both of these wines are due in store Friday, so please let me know if I can set any aside for you! -Josh

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