The Simple Pleasures Are Always The Best

Greetings, As we approach the 4th of July holiday, it’s unmistakable that things feel different. The world is certainly not the same. Fireworks displays will be seen through trees in backyards and gatherings will be decidedly smaller and more distanced. But that is okay! It’s important to weather change and at the same time take comfort in the fact that some things will always stay the same. That comfort today is that summer BBQ’s and wine are invariably a good time. Thus, I share with you the H.B. Chevalier 2019 Rosé and Titus Vineyards 2018 Andronicus Red Blend. Hailing from the dried up remains of an old lagoon in the Languedoc of France, H.B. Chevalier’s Rosé is comprised entirely of Gre

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