Hello, I’ll keep this short, simple, and easy today in an effort to translate that mentality to my entire holiday shopping experience this year. Sometimes you want nothing more than for someone to just tell you WHAT to buy. I’ve attempted to elicit this answer from both my girlfriend and mother and so far I have a humidifier to work with. Thrilling. More exciting than this is a brand new winery to the state of Ohio, Experience, who are offering positively quaffable Napa Valley wine at a price that will not make you wince. Experience’s 2012 Napa Valley Red Blend is a current release and is dominantly Zinfandel based, with Cabernet Franc, Petite Sirah, and Merlot providing a bit of backbone. T


Good afternoon, That infamous (almost irritatingly so) Wine Spectator Top 100 list has just been released in the last couple weeks and the wine world is clamoring to snag as much of these wines and their correct vintage as they can. Truth be told, many are long gone and many others are out of the every day wine drinker’s price point. (You want $250 Sassicaia? You just let me know and I’ll see what I can do.) Anyway, a good share of these wines are ones we tout year in and year out and when the list is released, the wines go poof and then we’re all bummed. That did not happen with one of our everyday staples, the hot little 2015 Breca Garnacha. Breca is produced from the oldest clone of Garna

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