The BonAnno Boys Are Back!

Good Afternoon, I began working for Gentile’s the Wine Sellers in August of the year 2014. What has ensued since has been nothing short of a whirlwind of opportunity and challenge for which I am incredibly grateful. Those first few months are both at once blurred and incredibly clear as I went from learning the ropes of a long established business to taking the main managerial role running daily operations. Within my first week of employment, I vaguely remember a slightly sweaty, hurried man rushing into the store and putting down two bottles of wine, saying, “Here! Make sure Rog gets these.” With that, the man was gone. Less than a week later, an email blast was sent out talking about the “

Dave Phinney Does It Again!

Hello, When I was summoned to the “luxury wine tasting” last Wednesday, the clouds were billowing and unruly, the wind was blowing angrily, and the sky threatened rain. As I followed the map down an industrial side road filled with construction workers and mechanic shops, I began to wonder if I was even going to a tasting at all; perhaps someone planned to do me in for some unknown offense I had committed. As I continued down the dirty stretch of road, I finally reached my destination and thought, “Maybe this is a tasting after all. There’s a patio and some string lights, but it is so dark in there…” As I walked into the bar, I was greeted with a friendly smile, but my fears were not exactly

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