I wanted to take a moment and fill everyone in on a gem I’ve found from a country that holds a little significance in the wine world, France. If one is at all familiar with Bordeaux, they know that finding a Graves for under $20 is rare, and, even more rare is finding one under $20 that is actually delicious. Whether you are an old-time Bordeaux fan looking for some real value or are simply interested in getting to know the region, the 2011 Chateau de Callac Graves Rouge is a wine you can’t pass up. It was a routine Wednesday afternoon at Gentile’s, putting up orders, placing them, making undeniably bad jokes, wooing customers, and drinking too much coffee… the usual. One of my reps came in


Good afternoon, If you are anything like me, a nice Sauvignon Blanc in warmer weather holds a special place in your heart. The problem is that they can be as varied in personality as my cat, Beef, and god knows a fair share of his personalities are simply no good. Although we sell a hell of a lot of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, many of them just smack you over the head with grapefruit aroma and flavor; the Chileans usually display a slightly “green” vegetal note, and the affordable Californians seem to lack any real defining character. I do love France’s Loire Valley though, and it seems I’ve found a very elegant Sauvignon Blanc with a simply lovely personality (Beef at his best) for a very

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