I will keep this short and sweet as I am finding myself in a brief moment of clarity amidst a myriad haze of cold medicine. Merely fifteen minutes ago I was whining to Jay that I didn't feel like tasting wine but I HAD to. This was necessary since I had a very small window of nasal freedom that my medicine had allowed me so I could taste and smell the wine. In that small window of time, as the liquid touched my lips, it was as if the sky opened, my head cleared, and my clogged sinuses washed away. Thank God for giving me the strength to bear my difficult job of tasting wine. Now, I must tell you about the 2009 Sierra Cantabria Crianza Rioja. Family owned since 1870, Sierra Cantabria lies at

The Black Swan

Good Afternoon and Happy New Year. With the New Year comes new wine from classic and proven producers. I've long been a fan of the Rhone and the new wave of 2015 wines is proving to be fantastic. The growing season was hot and dry, creating perfectly ripened fruit come harvest and wines that express freshness and vibrancy of the grapes. With that, I come to one of my favorite wineries, Saint-Cosme, and their 2015 entry level Cotes-du-Rhone that really captures the essence of the region at a startlingly affordable price. So, if you're like me and you are really watching your wallet after the holiday spending rush, this comes as a welcome sigh of relief. The small Chateau of Saint-Cosme sits j

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