Quaffing and Collecting

Good Afternoon, As I unashamedly got out my Hawaiian shirts this weekend in jubilant celebration of hot summer days finally arriving, it occurred to me that it was high time to give a refreshing summer white some well deserved attention. (We also have a killer Brunello pre-order to highlight, but that will come in a minute...) As much as many of us love our reds, it’s undeniable that the summer sun begs for a quaffable and refreshing chilled white wine as its partner. So that brings me to the absolute steal that is the M.A.N. Family 2015 Chenin Blanc. Hailing from the Agter-Paarl region of South Africa, M.A.N. Family produces a full line of reds and whites but specializes in Chenin Blanc (or


I’ve been on the lookout for something new in the wine world (or in this case, old) to pique my interest, and luckily a very sultry red decided to show up at our door over here at 1565 King Ave. As many of you know, Bordeaux relies heavily upon terroir and traditional methods to showcase their fruit and thus is heavily affected by vintage variation. Roger rightfully sang the praises of the 2010 vintage and it’s fantastic quality (there hasn’t been a very good year since), but today we are going to go a little further back to when I was barely a 16 year old boy and wine was nothing more than something I had to take a sip of at church on Sundays. And God, that stuff was BAD. (No pun intended.)

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