Anyone who spent time working for Roger would inevitably hear him wax poetic about his love for Spain- the country, it's people, and especially its remarkable wine. He would always tell you unequivocally that Spain was the best value for money wine region in the world, and after years of trying his Spanish wine recommendations, just about everyone at the store had to agree with him. In fact, there was no debate whatsoever that when it came time to find a new wine to share with readers, it had to be from Rog's beloved Spain, and with that in mind, we recently tasted one that we think is really something special. The 2011 BODEGAS TRITON ENTRE SUELOS TEMPRANILLO is a seriously smoldering red wi


The 2010 Barolo vintage has been heralded as being perhaps the finest ever. Before you run out and load up, be aware that one has to travel back to 2002 before a bad year is found so there is a lot of great Barolo running around. My glad!! Ever since we hosted that dinner at M with Sylvia Altare, I have been smitten with these remarkable wines, and the family’s passion about the approach to making Barolo. They have rewritten the book for great Barolo and this vintage makes that point. With that in mind, with the 2010 vintage, I am only going to write about very special Barolo, or very great deals on Barolo. Which brings me to what Parker has to say about these as I have only had the regular


Each business has their own jargon, and in the delightful world of selling wine, the phrase 'OND' is a major player. This acronym refers to the last three months of the year, and the busiest time for all in the business. That is why so many wineries drop prices so as to garner some of the increased sales the fourth quarter presents. As well, this is the time of year when new vintages are released, sort of like the perfect storm. That noted, we always jump on the Wente Morning Fog chardonnay because I really like the style of the wine, and they take a deep discount each October. Depending on how well it sells in the “O” period, the winery usually raises the price a bit in the next two months,

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