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This publication has a great wine page called ‘One Bottle’ by Joshua Baer

Laura Joseph is an exciting Ohio artist whose work we love.

This is our favorite place to stay in Central Coast wine country.  It is nestled in the Carmel Valley and winery owned.

This site lists over forty local restaurants along with their adresses, telephone numbers, website and email adresses.

This is where we always eat when we are in the Napa Valley. 


Where fine wine, everyday wine, wine education, and event planning are our specialties.  Over fifty years in the business.

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1565 King Avenue,  Columbus, OH  43212


Store Hours:  M-Sat. 10-10, Sunday 12-7

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La Tavola Veritas


I have visited Italy some nine times, but on this sojourn, I almost died before it began. More of that later.... This wine trip found a group of seven Ohioans going to visit the wine regions of Tuscany. Among our vinous cabal were some of my wine traveling veterans who decided to add a new wrinkle, though that might be a poor choice of words. For the first time, their spouses would be joining our touring wine glass, headed to a small Tuscan town where we would reside in nothing less than a luxurious villa near an ancient and storied village called San Casciano dei Bagni. Our plans called for arrival on a Saturday, a week’s worth of winery visits, nightly dinners, shopping (them, not me), conversation, swimming, and perhaps a glass of wine at night. Among the group were

Lorenzo and his wife Katarina, Chiarlo and Daniella, Guillaume (Guy pronounced “Gee” as in Gordon will do), his Neapolitan-named spouse Lucia, and myself.







Roger L. Gentile

Proprietor &

  Wine Madman

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The Wine Sellers


The Wine Sellers

     Roger Gentile is president of Gentile’s The Wine Sellers, a wine specialty retailer which was started by Ralph and Eleanor Gentile on November 19, 1954, and he worked in that Flagship store on its first day as the bottle boy. After undergraduate school at The Ohio State University, Roger decided to join the family business, with an emphasis on wine and wine education. To that end, he headed Ohio State’s Creative Activities wine program  for almost 30 years, was guest lecturer at The Horticulture Department at Ohio State’s Wine and Western Culture classes for almost a generation, and continues today with a series of wine tastings and classes conducted through his stores, and with professional wine tasting organizations. Over this span of time, he has probably taught wine classes to well over 40,000 students, with many of them going on to become winemakers, winery owners, and wine sales professionals. In 2007, he received The John Daniels Award for wine education, only the second person in America to ever receive that accolade.

       He has written two books, The Basics of Wine used at his Ohio State classes, and Discovering Ohio Wine by Enthea Press. Along the way, he as well worked for Westinghouse Broadcasting’s nationally syndicated P. M. Magazine for which he was awarded an Emmy as “The Wizard of Wine”, has published a number of travel and wine articles for regional newspapers, Taste Magazine, Key Magazine, and the Les Amis du Vin group.

    By his own account, he has tasted wines from sixteen different decades, and has probably conducted over 2000 wine tastings in the forty years of selling wine.

  Of late, he has begun a wine country hosting program in which he takes small groups of wine enthusiasts to the world’s esteemed wine regions. Still, he takes great joy in the next sip, and approaches wine as if it fun, rather than a liquid Holy Grail. His approach is sensual; appreciation unmitigated; and observations sometimes humorous. He never plans to retire from this rather satisfying career.

There can not be good living where there is not good drinking.”

    -Benjamin Franklin

Gentile’s, The Wine Sellers is a full service beverage shop offering a huge selection of wines, imported beers, micro brews, home brewing supplies, wine classes, wine dinners, wedding/event planning, and wine education and travel.